Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Kind of Sundae Man ( ◕.◕-) Damon / Ian ❤

Could it be that Damon was Destined to Have His Identity in Various Characters? If we are to ask this questions to the mass, surely we are getting a lot of point of views, each person with different pursuits or say with a simple observation can be positively agree that Damon Really has ASSUMED OR CONSUMED the All Time Favorites that Can Describe Masculinity, Manhood, To The Super Naturals.

Tracing his early years of a young man he was able to build for himself a CONCRETE IDENTITY to A MULTIPLE COLOURED Status. Thus almost able to TOUCH THE HEARTS of Young Teenage Generations, the Ladies and the Women to the Aged Ones, which means so much FANS all Over.

Such an interesting topic to deal with, to write about, speak with or simply to share and show with the help of beautiful images '' The Sundae Kind of Man He Is ''.

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